30-31 Wright’s Houses, Edinburgh, EH10 4HR


0131 221 5221

Quiz starts at:

Wednesday, 9.30pm

Prizes on offer:

1st - £30 voucher; 2nd - £15 voucher; 3rd - bottle of wine.  There is also an accumulator question which starts at £20 and rises by £10 per week if not won; there are 2 questions - one easy, one numerical and the team with the closest answer to the numerical one picks an envelope - one contains the cash (but there are others with drinks prizes)

Entry fee:


Food available?


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0 #5 Rachel Mclean 2017-08-30 10:04
Really great quiz. Love that it's quite different to the other quizzes in the local area.
Always super busy too
+1 #4 Andrew 2013-08-05 00:42
Attended on July 31, 2013 - very packed venue, and VERY tough quiz. Lots of uncommon and very trivial trivia bits. Less on popular culture, and more on academia than some other quizzes.
0 #3 PubQuizzy 2011-04-24 22:15
Thanks for the update, James!
0 #2 James 2011-04-13 10:30
This quiz is now on a Monday night. It is still on at the same time - usually after the football.
0 #1 Delighted in the Afernoon 2011-03-08 15:58
My team won this one last night and it is a good quiz. There was a good mix of questions and random tasks, although they really delayed announcing the winners for no real reason except to keep everybody drinking which was a bit annoying.

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